3D Cube Puzzles

3D Cube Puzzles is a light jigsaw puzzle game. With this relaxing game, you can enjoy your leisure time, and you can also enjoy a happy time with your children.

The main feature of 3D Cube Puzzles is that each face of the cube can be combined into a picture. The cube can be moved and rotated, which is very convenient to operate.

- Move and rotate cube to complete the puzzle.

- Over 100 preset puzzles.

- Create your own puzzles from your photos.

- 5 modes: 2x2 (4 cubes), 3x3 (9 cubes), 3x4 (12 cubes), 4x4 (16 cubes), 5x5 (25 cubes).

- Show preset puzzle pictures with 3D mode.

- Easy preview.

- Easy to use.


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